Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc.


We are a small non profit group who is focused on the environment. We are involved in a variety of weeds and feral animal projects in Cape York Peninsula.

Currently our group is run by volunteers and part time officers. They have over twenty years of on ground experience in:

  • On Ground Weed Management, Weed Identification, Weed Control, Weed Surveying/Mapping and Technical Advice.
  • On Ground Feral Animal Management, Trapping, Ground Shooting, Aerial Shooting, Aerial Surveying/Mapping.
  • AC/DC chemical training qualifications, affiliated with a Nationally Registered Training Organisation.
  • Training in both an informal and formal capacity under the Conservation and Land Management.
  • Fully Qualified Cattle, Horse Trainer and Riding Instructor.
  • Training in Fencing and Property Maintenance.
  • Informal training for all your NRM GIS needs including collecting, uploading and downloading data using a range of GIS related products, storing and analysing field data and creating maps to display your data.

We can offer a wide range of rural skills based training to equip people to work on the land.

In association with Hopevale Council, Hopevale Congress Rangers, and the Traditional owners, this project will continue Pond Apple control work that has been ongoing in the Hopevale, South Cape Bedford, Alligator creek, and Cooktown areas for the last twenty four years.

NRM Topic:
This project contains and reduces the further spread of established Hymenachne in the Normanby and Annan catchments through control works and mapping of treated areas.
NRM Topic:

This project continues the pond apple control work in the Mt Amos and Cooktown area.

NRM Topic:

This project implements strategic and coordinated weed management actions to reduce the impacts of invasive species on the natural, agricultural and cultural values of Cape York. 

NRM Topic:

This project is part of a larger program, implementing strategic and coordinated pest management to reduce the impacts of invasive species on the natural, agricultural and cultural values of Cape York.

East Coast Pond Apple Survey and Control

This project continues the Pond Apple control work in the Mt Amos and Cooktown area by Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc, in association with Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation, South Cape York Catchments, Cook Sh
Published: Jul 2016
Type: Map

Butchers Hill Station Pest Management Plan

The Plan's purpose is to manage the land of Butchers Hill Station, in a sustainable way, by controlling weeds and pest animals on the property, and ensuring its economic and environmental viability continues into the future.
Published: Apr 2015
Type: Reference Document

Jim's Joint Property Pest Management Plan

The plan has been prepared to protect the economy and environment of “Jim’s Joint” from the adverse impacts of weeds and feral animals.Objectives to be achieved within the life of the plan (4 years) are: 1) To prevent the introduction of any new weeds in the next 4 years; 2) To reduce in area all
Published: Mar 2012
Type: Reference Document

Julery Pastoral Property Pest Management Plan

The plan represents a workable pest management program which identifies, combats and eradicates declared environmental pest plants and feral animals for Julery Pastoral.
Published: Dec 2008
Type: Reference Document