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Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc.

We are a small non profit group who is focused on the environment. We are involved in a variety of weeds and feral animal projects in Cape York Peninsula.

Currently our group is run by volunteers and part time officers. They have over twenty years of on ground experience in:

  • On Ground Weed Management, Weed Identification, Weed Control, Weed Surveying/Mapping and Technical Advice.
  • On Ground Feral Animal Management, Trapping, Ground Shooting, Aerial Shooting, Aerial Surveying/Mapping.
  • AC/DC chemical training qualifications, affiliated with a Nationally Registered Training Organisation.
  • Training in both an informal and formal capacity under the Conservation and Land Management.
  • Fully Qualified Cattle, Horse Trainer and Riding Instructor.
  • Training in Fencing and Property Maintenance.
  • Informal training for all your NRM GIS needs including collecting, uploading and downloading data using a range of GIS related products, storing and analysing field data and creating maps to display your data.

We can offer a wide range of rural skills based training to equip people to work on the land.

Phone: 0740695064 

Facebook: Inc/805555096154233


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ACDC training course for land managers

Words and photo: Robyn May


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The threat from gamba grass

Words: Barry Lyon and Trevor Meldrum | Photo: Trevor Meldrum


Newsletter Articles

Reducing Impacts of High Priority Weeds in Cape York

Reducing the Economic and Environmental Impacts of High Priority Weeds in the Cape York Region, funded through the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative, will address priority weed management in areas where weeds are having significant economic and/or environmental impact.


Newsletter Articles

Cape York's NRM annual general meetings

Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals, South Cape York Catchments and Wenlock Catchment Management Group all held AGMs during the month. South Cape York Catchments and Cape York Weeds and Ferals both said good-bye to retiring long-term chairperson, and NRM advocate, John Giese; while Wenlock Catchment Management Group gratefully received a $1000 donation from SCYC to boost their newly-opened bank balance.