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24 Jan 2022



Collaborative Soil Solutions for the Endeavour Productivity Network (Smart Farms)

Project summary

Soils are the foundation of primary production, and healthy soils are critical for supporting productive agricultural industries. The Smart Farms Soil Solutions Project focuses on horticultural and grazing properties in the Endeavour Valley, north-west of Cooktown. It aims to increase participation in soil testing, with a focus on finding solutions to soil constraints, which will result in more productive and profitable farms. The project will provide extension support to producers and investigate cost-effective ways to improve soil in the region through on-farm case study demonstrations.

  • Background

    The Smart Farms Soil Solutions Project is funded through the National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grants.

    This two-year project aims to increase awareness, knowledge, skills and capacity to adopt best-practice sustainable agriculture.

    It encourages land managers to soil test more often, adopt practices that improve efficiency, production and soil health, and make contributions to national soils databases. Participants will learn how to collect soil samples and interpret testing results. The goal is to sustain healthier, more productive soils. The project will also connect land managers with each other, scientists and industry advisors.

  • Project activities

    From 2022 to 2024 this project will:

    • Run four farm demonstration case studies
    • Deliver training workshops and events around soil health and productivity
    • Provide extension support to producers in the Endeavour region and beyond
    • Create videos, factsheets and resources for land managers

Project location

Data and Resources