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Kathrina Southwell

Kathrina spent her early 20s living in Cairns as a Tour Guide and Landscape Gardener and some time in Bowen working on farms. 

Kathrina has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Coastal Management which included the study of soils, plant conservation, biology, ecology and geology.

She spent six years managing a not-for-profit in Northern New South Wales that focused on wildlife conservation. She returned to north and has been based in Cooktown for the past four years, working as a Tourism and Community Grants Officer, Community Development Officer for Disaster Recovery, Project Support Officer for the Engineer and Infrastructure Department at Cook Shire Council and in the National Emergency Management Agency as a Recovery Support Officer. She is also a member of the Local Marine Advisory Committee for Cape York.

Kathrina enjoys working with people from all walks of life and has a love of nature. From a very young age she learned about birds from her Grandfather, and developed a passion for birdwatching, of which she takes full advantage on Cape York Peninsula.  

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