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Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy: National Resources Analysis Program Airborne Geophysical Data for Cape York Peninsula

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The Airborne Geophysical Survey Project had compiled and upgraded four major regional data sets from Cape York including magnetic, gamma-ray, gravity, and height of ground above sea level. The magnetic and gravity data sets cover all of Cape York, the gamma ray data set covers all of onshore Cape York except for one small part of Cape Melville, and the height data set only covers half of Cape York including Hann River, and Weipa. This project was undertaken to increase the usefullness of the then existing magnetic, gamma-ray, and gravity data for regional geological interpretation by improving the quality and consistentcy of the available data. The data was converted to a GIS so that could be used for landscape description, analysis, and modelling.

The data was created with the main intentions for use being in studies relating to resoureces, geology, regolith, and soils however when coupled with the height data they give important and usefull information on ground water, engineering, infrastructure, erosion, flooding, and other natural sciences.