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NRM Investment Programs

23 Mar 2015


National Landcare Programme

Participating communities: managing and maintaining landscapes and livelihoods (2015-2018)

Cape York Natural Resource Management will deliver natural resource management services that aim to maintain and build ecosystem function and landscape resilience through improved water, soil, fire and integrated pest management. Key areas of focus include enhancing the ecological characteristics of Wetlands of National significance, including mitigating impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and benefiting regionally significant species, including migratory species and their habitats. Onground outcomes will be supported by strong community engagement and partnerships with land managers, agricultural and industry groups, universities, Indigenous communities, conservation groups and volunteers. 

This funding also provides for the  Regional landcare facilitator to support farmers, fishers and land managers to identify and adopt farm practices and land management practices to
sustainably manage natural resources, to reduce agricultural emissions and adapt to changing climatic conditions.


Start Date
23 Mar 2015
Investment Type
Australian Government

Projects funded by this investment

Consultants Firescape Science will produce map products that enable property managers to assess their eligibility and the potential economic return

Delivery of National Indigenous Fire Workshop 2018

Muunthiwarra Aboriginal Corporation have commenced a small grant project with Cape York Natural Resource Management to support communities managing

This project will produce a series of fact sheets for 15-20 species of grasses found on the Kimba Plateau and adjacent areas (Cape York Peninsula).

This project involves developing a rapid assessment of the fish fauna of freshwater habitats in the Jardine River catchment and nearby streams.

This is the second survey of aquatic fauna of the expansive floodplain wetlands on Violet Vale Station.

Weeds, feral animals and fire in and around our aquatic ecosystems are a major threat to biodiversity. This project will address these critical threats across 3 key environmental areas; the upper Normanby Wetlands in the Northern Wet Tropics Word Heritage Area at the headwaters of Rinyirru NP (Salvinia) 2 Normanby Lagoons (feral pigs and cattle) and the Trevethan Creek wildlife corridor adjacent to the NWTWHA (Late season fires, Lantana and Gamba Grass)

A large portion of soils within the region are mapped at 1:900,00 scale that are not considered suitable for agricultural development particularly

This project aims to document the aquatic fauna on Kimba Station pre and post installation of a 10kms fence to manage cattle access to the water wa

The 300 kilometre long Wenlock River is a system of major ecological and cultural importance with high scenic values, and holds evidence of evoluti

Alice River runs through Kimba Station very close to the northern boundary. Cattle have open access to a section of river from the old fence.

Provide Cape York NRM individual fire history property maps for 2016 Early Dry Season (1 March- 31 July), Late Dry Season (1 August- 31 October), w

This project will control Sicklepod and Rubber vine in the Palmer River, to stop these introduced plants advancing further along the Palmer River a

The Ayapathu Traditional Owners have a rich cultural history in the Balclutha Creek Area.

This project will initiate a joint cooperative feral pig management program to address pig populations that are degrading important spring, wetland

This project will support the recording of ethnobotany and sharing of traditional knowledge of botany of the lakes with traditional owners, which w

This project will increase the level of protection against pond apple for coastal ecosystems on the east coast of Cape York, including mangrove, pa

Violet Vale Station contains 1,896 hectares of wetlands that are listed as wetlands of National significance in the Department of Environment’s Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia.

The Indigenous Fire Workshop for 2015 marks the seventh year of fire workshops on Cape York. This project with Mulong Pty Ltd will conduct the fire management workshop at Mary Valley in 2015 and provided support for the delivery with the logistical requirements that make this event a success

Information services for Cape York Land Managers: Providing fortnightly fire scar mapping for Cape York and delivering communication products to support interpretation of fire management information at property and regional scale.
Information services for Cape York Land Managers: Providing fortnightly fire scar mapping for Cape York and delivering communication products to support interpretation of fire management information at property and regional scale.

This project at supports rehabilitation of the Annie River System at Lilyvale Station river system, which feeds directly into Princess Charlotte Ba

The annual Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop brings many communities as well as multiple agencies and organisations together to help teach them about fire, how they can progress the methodologies used in their own regions for managing fire, and facilitate sharing the knowledge and practices of individuals and organisations between one another.
This project directly addresses Yuku Baja Muliku (YBM) concerns that their mussel stocks are declining.
The Angkamuthi clan aim to connect the younger generation of Angkamuthi members with their homelands so that they become more involved with land management and understand the value of their cultural heritage, developing a greater interest to protect the local environment inclusive of the wetlands.
This project will see a muster carried out of these wetland areas with an estimate to catch 100 head of feral cattle and thus reduce impacts on these important wetlands.

This project continues the pond apple control work in the Mt Amos and Cooktown area.

Mt Louis Station is committed to the eradication of weeds on the property, with specific emphasis on the reduction of weeds in the streams and wate

The 2017 National Indigenous Fire Workshop will be hosted by the Balnggarrawarra Gaarraay Traditional Owners at Melsonby, Cape York July 3rd- 7th 2017.

This project documents the aquatic fauna and quantify the water quality of wetlands on Violet Vale Station.

The White Bellied sub-species of the Crimson Finch, Neochmia phaeton evangelinae, and the northern sub-species of the Star Finch, Noechnia ruficaud

The objective is to eradicate Hymenachne to prevent its spread by birds, cattle, pigs and floods to adjacent and downstream Wetlands of National Si

The Wenlock River requires good management, an effectively targeted work program and coordinated stakeholder and community participation to maintain these values and to reduce the impacts of populations.
This work will use knowledge about current and projected climate change in the Cape York region to develop a more specific understanding of the consequences for sustainable management of country in the region.

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