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NRM Investment Programs

01 Jul 2008


Caring for our Country

This funding was the flagship programme that succeeded Natural Heritage Trust 2, in the five years 2008-2013.

The objective of Caring for our Country was to achieve an environment that is healthier, better protected, well managed and resilient, and also to provide essential ecosystem services in a changing climate.

More than $2 billion as been committed to the initiative over five years, as the first phase of the program commenced July 2008 and is to end  June 2013. More than 3,500 grants were funded during this initial phase of the project

The project's second phase is to be implemented between 2013 and 2018.


Start Date
01 Jul 2008
Funding Organisation
Caring for Our Country (former)
Investment Type
Australian Government

Projects funded by this investment

The Taepithiggi Batavia Clan Group Aboriginal Corporation (TBCAC), formed following the Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation’s establishment in 2013,

This was a short project for Mulong to provide on-country burning training and fire management planning to the members Wunta Aboriginal Corporation

The Living Knowledge Place is a community driven online education site that show cases our culture, country, and aspirations towards the future of

This project was a joint collaboration, initiated by Nyacha Kumopinta Aboriginal Corporation, Wolverton Station and the relevant TO’s within this a

Development of a Business/Investment case for the ongoing support and expansion of the Cape York Land and Sea Indigenous Reference Groups Initiativ

Data and Resources

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