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Jessie Price-Decle

Jessie Price-Decle is an Environmental Scientist and Engagement Officer with South Cape York Catchments.

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Jessie Price is a young mum, an environmental scientist, and the Grazing Engagement Officer with South Cape York Catchments - a community-based natural resource management organisation based in Cooktown.

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Working to reduce sediment loss from Country.
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Words and photo Jessie Price-Decle

Late season fires can destroy habitat, threaten property and livestock, and scorch groundcover leaving country vulnerable to erosion. Fighting fires is also a significant drain on people’s time and resources.

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Words Jessie Price-Decle and Juliana Foxlee | Photo Jessie Price-Decle

The three-year project saw graziers make changes to their land and grazing practices to improve land condition and water quality outcomes.

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Amazing work South Cape York Catchments Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc. You make the Cape a better place each and every day. Congratulations! 2019 Queensland Landcare Awards
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The Normanby Rangers mustered feral cattle on Normanby Station earlier this year as part of their Reef Trust IV Gully project.
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Cape York NRM and Terrain NRM Enhanced Extension Coordination in Reef Catchments project aims to change land management practice in order to improve the water quality of the northern Great Barrier Reef.

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Normanby catchment ‘Peer to Peer Grazing Group’ activities may have stalled during the coronavirus travel restriction period, but its Focus Farm initiative is going strong.