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Darryl Hill Erosion Control Workshops

Learn how to maintain and repair station tracks, fencelines, firebreaks, washouts and gullies.

Darryl Hill is highly recognised throughout Australia for his practical knowledge and experience using graders and other earthmoving machinery for gully remediation and erosion control works. 

For more than 40 years he has studied soil erosion from a variety of viewpoints, as a ringer, head stockman, property owner, manager and as a landcare officer.

Darryl travels widely running grader workshops across Australia’s rangelands and imparts practical knowledge for station managers, rural communities and government agencies. 

RSVP by 7 June for catering purposes, plus any enquiries, to:

* Andrew Hartwig, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

  0418 216 300

* Abbey Ernst, Sustainable Industries Officer                  * Erich Brown, Land and Water Officer

  0428 727 955         0424 711 378

This project is funded through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, with support from the Queensland Government.

Darryl Hill Erosion Control Workshops 19-21 June 2019

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