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Climate Films 

Contained within the cultural landscape and the Indigenous cultures of Cape York, significant knowledge exists of the last sea level rise, the biology of fauna in relation to climate change and the phenology of plants. This information is not comprehensively recorded or included in planning or management actions that may ameliorate impacts of contemporary management and climate change. This knowledge is important as it indicates areas that are known climate refugia areas that provide necessary functions for speciation and faunal migration now and into the future. Your Climate Indigenous climate stories have been undertaken in partnership with Indigenous people of Cape York to highlight their knowledge and to demonstrate the extensive work they are undertaking to manage land and sea country and mitigate impacts now and into the future. 

A part of Cape York NRM planning by doing methodology is to support Indigenous people of Cape York to record, implement and showcase their knowledge, to present case studies that highlight knowledge of seasonality, corridors and impacts of climate change, including actions towards improving landscape health and its and ultimately the communities ability to adapt to climate change.

The films also identify challenges that are being faced in managing country and areas that require future investment.