Status: Active

This project was developed for the colection of Electromagnetic mapping, elevation data on 300 hectares of land in the Cape York Region that had been designated for high intensity agriculural use.

This project is to construct a bio-fertiliser factory on farm. The target is to increase the use of biological preparations and bio-fertilizers with the aim of increasing biological diversity and density in our soil. Increased biological activity in the soil will result in healthier crops and better utilisation of resources including fertiliser and water.
This programme is delivering natural resource management services that aim to maintain and build ecosystem function and landscape resilience through improved water, soil, fire and integrated pest management.

Status: Closed

This project included the control of weed infestations and the protection of natural beach and dune flora near Chilli Beach as well as the revegetation of the area surrounding the esplanade. The repair of dune degradation from vehicle access was also an integral part of the project.

During June 2015, the “Grow Do It” – Musical Gardening Program visited Lakeland, Laura, Bloomfield and Rossville State Schools.

This project assisted with establishment of a baseline for the assessment of land condition and monitoring of conditions for the integrated management of weeds, pest animals and fire for the purpose of managing natural resources and maintaining ecosystem resilience.
This project assisted with establishing a baseline for the assessment of land condition and to monitor the integrated management of weeds, pest animals and fire to manage natural resources and maintain ecosystem resilience.

This project is part of the Cape York NRM Sustainable Agriculture Project, and establishes a demonstration site focused on soil health, land condition, fire and water management, economic baselines and benchmarks.

It highlights the adoption of sustainable land management practices and establishes good practice for road construction and fencing on Yarraden Station.

21 May 2015
The Cape York landscape is grounded with ancient and fragile soils, which require careful management to ensure long term health of the land and to maintain our water quality across Cape York for the generations to come. This issue of Healthy Country newsletter focuses on some of the work being undertaken across Cape York to Care for our soils.
21 Dec 2014

The Balnggarrawarra Rangers from Melsonby station (70 minutes north east of Cooktown), know that good fire and soil management is essential for healthy Country.

01 Dec 2014

TOWARDS the end of 2011, near to 1000 turtle and 170 dugong deaths were reported along the Queensland coast. Less than half that number were recorded during the same period in the previous year.

01 Jan 2012

Westpac teamed up with long-term partners Landcare Australia to present a series of information seminars.  Key industry specialists presented information seminars aimed at producers and consumers, to help them understand the impact of carbon on business. 

05 Oct 2011

The Griffith University Reef Rescue funded a study into the causes, sources and management of sediment runoff to the northern section of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). In 2012 the study is in the third year of the four year program.