Status: Active

This project aims to support Cape York Natural Resource Management Ltd. Board of Directors in the development of a Corporate Strategic Plan.

Cape York NRM has been funded to deliver on a range of projects that have substantial digital information components. A foundation of these projects is the development and maintenance of a digital multimedia portal for Cape York. This portal is being used as an engagement tool for partners and NRM stakeholders on Cape York and the wider NRM community.

Governance is the collection of ruiles and processes that keep us constiututed as an organisation.
This programme is delivering natural resource management services that aim to maintain and build ecosystem function and landscape resilience through improved water, soil, fire and integrated pest management.

The Living Knowledge Place is a community driven online education site that show cases our culture, country, and aspirations towards the future of our environment and wellbeing. We are excited to share this amazing resource with you and watch the site grow with more fascinating content being developed everyday for this exciting community education program.

The Wenlock Management Catchment Group Inc. is a not-for-profit group established to give voice to the Wenlock River.

Status: Closed

This analysis strategy identified a process and framework for examining data collated by Cape York Natural Resource Management to assist in the development of their adaptive planning process and development of the ATLAS portal.

Services to Cape York NRM for information technology (IT); including the development and implementation of an IT plan: understand and maintain all ATLAS infrastructures for Cape York NRM, into the future including engagement with NRM staff;  to inform communication materials for the ATLAS and update web site as required.

This program ensured the regional NRM body had the capacity to contribute to delivering the State governments NRM and related policy agenda and associated programs. The program also ensured Cape York NRM's operation is transparent, efficient and effective, with active support from the Board ensuring clear direction and accountability.

This project saw the construction of a map of cape york including traditional boundaries to better facilitate the transfer of information regarding up coming projects between all stakeholders.

This project provided business and NRM planning support to four Indigenous groups on Cape York, underpinning their work required to fulfil their land and sea aspirations and sustainable business development.

Groups received support for:

-Darrba Land Trust for the production of a video of their Country Plan,

Development of a Business/Investment case for the ongoing support and expansion of the Cape York Land and Sea Indigenous Reference Groups Initiative.

09 Nov 2017

Cape York NRM recently held its Annual General Meeting in Cooktown where the Board of Directors elected Director Emma Jackson as Chairperson, and Director Trevor Meldrum as Vice Chairperson.

05 May 2017

Cape York NRM is thrilled to have been named as a finalist in the 'Connecting Up' Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards 2017. The award is for outstanding contributions to the Australian not-for-profit sector through innovative technology solutions and service excellence, and was presented on Thursday 4 May at Hawthorn Arts Centre in Melbourne.

06 Jan 2017

Articles are invited for submission in Cape York NRM’s Healthy Country Newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to over 2000 people and organisations, providing the opportunity to share Cape York’s natural resource management practices far and wide.

21 Dec 2016

Cape York NRM held its Annual General Meeting at the Laura Racecourse and Rodeo Grounds on Saturday 29 October 2016, at which time Company Secretary Bob Frazer formally announced the result of director elections.

The current Board of Directors is made up of the following Cape York NRM members:

18 Aug 2016

The Queensland Government has agreed or agreed in principle with all 10 recommendations from the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce.

The Government announced immediate support for four recommendations (two major integrated projects, increased extension, funding for innovation, and expanded monitoring) when it received

the Taskforce’s Final Report in May.

18 Jul 2016

This opportunity has now closed.

Your opportunity to help reduce threats to the marine turtles of western Cape York.

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06 Jun 2016

Students from Mapoon and Western Cape College will learn about environmental management through the creation of art works from recycled rubbish and will exhibit their work at the upcoming Weipa Fishing Classic.

25 Apr 2016

by Lyndal Scobell, Luke Preece and Peta Standley

On 27 April in Cairns, Cape York NRM will launch a dynamic natural resource management plan that anticipates, and allows for, change.

22 Dec 2015

People and Partnerships are integral to successful natural resource management on Cape York.  The summer edition of the newsletter (Issue 25) showcases the importance of partnerships, and highlights some of the great work that has taken place on Cape York in 2015.

20 Nov 2015

Cape York NRM welcomed two new Directors, and a new Chairperson, at the company’s recent Annual General Meeting and Board meeting held in Coen on 4 and 5 November.

Emma Jackson, who is the Sector Director for Primary Industries, is the new Chairperson and she said it is an exciting challenge that she will ‘throw her heart and soul into’ for Cape York NRM.

03 Sep 2015

Cape York Natural Resource Management will distribute $462 838 in the current financial year across 16 organisations for Cape York land and sea management projects, as part of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

23 Jul 2015

Issue 23 of Healthy Country Newsletter focuses on Cape York's threatened species. 

Cape York has over 100 near-threatened, vulnerable or endangered species listed on the Nature Conservation Act (1992) list. Species decline can affect entire ecosystems by changing how ecosystems function.

01 Jan 2015

Anyone with an interest in natural and cultural resources on Cape York can now access a world of knowledge with the click of a mouse.

13 Mar 2013
Natural Resource Management around the Cape
06 Nov 2011

Just a quick word from me on what has been going on over the last few months.

October was all about getting out on country and visiting people. I was able to get to Laura, Coen and Lockhart, and gain a greater understanding of NRM initiatives being undertaken. I had not been able to visit some places for a long time, so seeing the country and meeting people was a wonderful experience.