NPARC/Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers will undertake activities to target predators of turtle nests, eggs and hatchlings. As part of the West Coast Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance, these activities represent part of the on-going efforts to reduce the potential impacts of feral pigs on nesting marine turtles.

Targeted control may take a number of forms, aerial culling, nest protection, baiting and trapping. Actual areas and types of control will be well documented and reported relevant to the form of control. The Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers are skilled in data collection to support this activity and all data from the aerial cull activity shall be provided.
This project is funded through the Department of Natural Resources and Mines – Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment Program 2016-2017.

Commence date:
06 Apr 2017
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 1 (Far North)
NRM Topic: