In 2014 Seymour Out Bush completed the Temple Bay Pond Apple Project, with the main objective of the project was capacity building of the participants in the form of training, mentoring and on-ground control work. This included mapping and surveying of Pond Apple, then starting the removal of the surveyed Pond Apple. 

In 2015 the second stage of this project delivered further capacity building and mentoring to the Wuthathi and Kuku y’au people, with Pond Apple survey and control within the Temple Bay area. This included on-ground training with empathies given to OH&S, Quad training at Temple Bay, then followed by control of the mapped Pond Apple by the trainees and a map produced. 

A total area of 2.34Ha was surveyed with predominately mature adult plants surveyed as well as smaller fruiting Pond Apple plants.

The T.O’s trainee rangers were provided a workshop on weed and feral impacts on country and culture, training in mapping using fulcrum app for Pest and weed mapping and control by Cape York NRM staff member. 

Commence date:
04 Nov 2015
Participating partners:
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 1 (Far North)
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