Weeds, feral pigs, pest fish and fire in and around natural aquatic ecosystems are a major threat to biodiversity. This project will address these critical threats across 4 key environmental areas; the Trevethan Creek wildlife corridor adjacent to the Northern Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (Fire, Lantana and Gamba); Alligator Creek an endangered coastal wetland in Cooktown (Mother in laws tongue, Pond Apple) and the upper Normanby Wetlands in the WTWHA at the headwaters of Rinyirru NP (Salvinia and pest fish) and Keatings Lagoon (feral pigs).  

These 4 key environmental areas are at risk of having their values significantly impacted by weeds, fire, pig and pest fish. Eradicating Salvinia from the upper Normanby will ensure it will not infest the nationally important wetlands of Rinyirru National Park

Building upon previous Caring For Our Country investments, this project will:

Protect Wetlands of Rinyirru National Park by;

-          Supporting Jabalbina Rangers to conduct initial Salvinia survey and control within upper Normanby wetland systems

-          Increase capacity of Jabalbina Rangers to undertake pest fish surveillance

 Support Ranger groups to measure success of their wetland conservation works by;

-          Conducting 3x wetland focused events with schools, community or ranger groups

-          Working with CYNRM to develop the fulcrum app for the Cape York rapid assessment methodology

 Enhance the integrity of the Trevethan Creek wildlife corridor by;

-          Conducting follow up control of Lantana and Gamba grass.

-          Protect 6km of riparian vegetation from wildfire impacts

-          Conduct cattle exclusion fence and revegetation site maintenance

 Improve the management of Waymbuurr country by:

-          Employing and working with up to 4x Traditional Owners and the Burrgirrku Land Trust;

-          Conduct follow up control of Mother in law tongue and Pond Apple within endangered ecosystems and coastal urban environments of Alligator creek

-          Work with QPWS and Traditional owners to repair Keating’s lagoon pig fence

This is a continuation of a past NRM funded project.

In association with Griffith University and NALISMA, SCYC further developed the Cape York Wetland rapid assessment methodology.  

This project will allow the benefits obtained from previous investments to be enhanced and maintained into the future