This Consultancy with Firescape Science, establishes initial fire plans and supporting maps to commence a process of annual fire planning and implementation for the following properties: Astrea, Yaraden, Holroyd, Strathburn, Crystalvale and Bamboo. Land managers from the Cape York NRM Region have expressed interest in developing fire management plans in a coordinated manner.
Fire is a major tool in shaping vegetation communities, preventing wild fires, improving resource condition, and maintaining biodiversity and cultural heritage values. Different properties often desire different outcomes, depending on land use, such as:
Grazing management or generating carbon credits (Economic) Biodiversity and habitat management (Environmental) Cultural aspirations (Healthy country and heritage values); or · A combination of aspirations
At a finer scale, more specific objectives often include a combination of:
Weed management Woody thickening and/or monocultures from the lack of fire Hazard mitigation Pasture management and mustering practices Habitat management Minimizing erosion Fire plans assist property managers to juggle the use of fire for different management purposes and to communicate their intentions with neighbours and/or permitting authorities. Using fire as a management tool requires fire behaviour to be considered with respect to weather variables, as well as fire frequency, intensity and timing to achieve different outcomes. Property owners or managers have considerable fire knowledge and experience already, but this usually has not been documented.

Commence date:
29 May 2015
Participating partners:
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 3, Zone 4 (Southern Cape)
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