This project takes a regional approach to biosecurity management in Cape York Peninsula and will enhance the coordination of:
· on-ground activities to manage priority biosecurity threats,
· training, education and awareness raising opportunities, and
· collaborative arrangements with government and non-government stakeholders to identify, manage and mitigate high priority biosecurity threats.

A Strategy for Cape York Peninsula, with clear goals and actions that address priorities, will also put the region in a favourable position to access and prioritise future funding opportunities.
Pest plants and animals, and other invasive species including plant and animal diseases and invertebrate pests, pose a major biosecurity threat to the economic, environmental, social and cultural values throughout cape York Peninsula region and potentially to other parts of mainland Australia should they make their way through Cape York.
Stage 1 – Agreement from Cook Shire Council, Weipa Town Council and the 9 Cape York Aboriginal Councils to support the development of a Regional Biosecurity Strategy (RBS).
Stage 2 – Development of the RBS including either calling up individual Local Government Authorities PMPs in the RBS and developing Biosecurity Action Plans for those local governments who agree that the RBS will be recognised as their respective LGA PMPs.
The development of the RBS is intended to consolidate the biosecurity issues of the region, and set clear, achievable goals for the period 2015 - 2020, underpinned by practical actions. It will target biosecurity threats impacting on natural and modified environments of both land and water. The strategy is aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness of biosecurity management actions by providing a structure for identifying and addressing gaps, increasing the coordination of existing programs and directing the development of new biosecurity programs to tackle established and emerging biosecurity management priorities.

Commence date:
13 Aug 2015
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 1 (Far North), Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 (Southern Cape)

Weed Distribution Records- Lockhart River Dogit Area

Jan 2016
This map is an indication of weed species surveyed at Lockhart River Dogit Area on Cape York. This is based on available data, and is not a comprehensive distribution map of weeds. Cape York NRM's regional weeds database contains data collected by the Cape York community as part of on-ground acti