This project implements strategic and coordinated weed management actions to reduce the impacts of invasive species on the natural, agricultural and cultural values of Cape York. 

Hymenachne works focussed on infestations in four catchments: - Laura/Normanby, Annan, Endeavour and Daintree. In the Annan catchment work was focussed on Hymenachne in Mungumby Creek which feeds into the Annan River, Cooktown water supply at Black Mountains and down through Annan River National Park.

In the Endeavour catchment work was undertaken on the upper most 3km of this infestation on Hazelmere station where a feeder creek runs through Dotsmere station and into the Endeavour River system. In the Daintree catchment work was focused on the head of the infestation on Mt Louis station and in Gap creek which runs down the Coastal Wetlands and into Weary Bay. Community members assisted CYWAFA Inc. staff in the mapping and control of Hymenachne in the Annan and Endeavour river systems.

A particular focus of attention to on Keatings Lagoon, an internationally known and endangered wetland area which runs into the Annan River Catchment, as well. 

Commence date:
01 Apr 2015
Participating partners:
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 4 (Southern Cape)
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Hymenachne Control 2014-2015 CYWAFA Inc

Jan 2016
  Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc. (CYWAFA Inc.) carried out hymenachne survey and control works focusing on infestations in four catchments: Laura/Normanby, Annan, Endevour and Daintree. Approxmiately 27 000ha was surveyed for Hymenachne during January to June 2015.