The Wenlock River catchment is one of Australia’s most bio-diverse, intact and healthy freshwater ecosystems. It is highly valued by a small yet diverse community, who maintain cultural, spiritual, social, and economic connections with the land and waters throughout the whole catchment. The Wenlock River requires good management, an effectively targeted work program and coordinated stakeholder and community participation to maintain these values and to reduce the impacts of populations.
The WCMG has been meeting since 2012 and became formally incorporated in February 2014. The role of the WCMG is to provide a joint or coordinated approach to land and water management and the protection of natural and cultural values, provide support across the catchment with regard to land use and management issues and provide strength in applying for funding for land management and projects.
This consultancy supported the establishment of the Wenlock Catchment Management Group (WCMG) by:
· engaging people who live, work and are connected to the Wenlock River catchment region to become involved with the WCMG
· organising and supporting an annual general meeting for the group
· helping the group set and implement their strategic direction
· sourcing and applying for funding to implement projects.

22 Dec 2015

People and Partnerships are integral to successful natural resource management on Cape York.  The summer edition of the newsletter (Issue 25) showcases the importance of partnerships, and highlights some of the great work that has taken place on Cape York in 2015.

30 Jul 2015

There are no known records of sexually mature (adult) Glyphis glyphis. ANYWHERE. EVER.

This is one of the reasons the Barry Lyon from Australia Zoo commenced researching the G.glyphis (otherwise known as the speartooth shark) in 2012.

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18 Mar 2015
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