This project extended the coverage of traditional fire management practices across Cape York Peninsula, both during this activity and beyond the project timeframe. The project contributed to the Caring for Our Country target ' to expand traditional fire management regimes across at least 200 00 sq km's of northern Australian savannas by 2013. A cool burn being conducted on Kings Plains

This project was integrated with other Cape York NRM operations, projects and programs, and conducted in partnership with several organisations working on Cape York. As such, this project was supported by funds from Queensland NRM investment programs and base-level investment from the Caring for Our Country program to Cape York NRM.

This project was successful in delivering all of the activities it set out to deliver. The benefits of this project went beyond that of the project, providing significant benefits to Cape York as a whole, by improving fire management skills and knowledge of Indigenous and non-Indigenous land managers, improving fire management governance arrangements, raising awareness through improved communications and promotion materials, strengthening partnerships among several organisations, developing strategic plans and implementing investment programs. In particular, burning and improved traditional fire management regimes were implemented on three areas of Cape York: Kings Plains station, Wunta traditional lands (Palinjii country) and Melsonby traditional lands. A map of these areas is presented below, with the approximate area covered by the three areas (totalling over 120 000 ha).

Commence date:
15 May 2012
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 2, Zone 4 (Southern Cape)
Program area:

Wunta Traditional Fire Management Plan Stage 1

Jul 2013
This document is to support the re-introduction of an indigenous practical fire management action plan to the Nesbit river area in Cape York Peninsula.
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