This program aligns to the Q2 Coasts and Country investment and the QLD government policy drivers of Closing the Gap and Advancing Indigenous Reconciliation in Primary Industries and Natural Resource Management.

In collaboration with the Department of Environment and Resource Management, this program develops processes for engaging indigenous communities about wild river issues in targeted areas; initial trial in the Coleman, Olive-Pascoe and Watson River Basins.

Activities include meetings with clan estates in each of the wild river basins to inform these traditional owners and indigenous institutional landholders and Aboriginal Shire Councils of the purpose of the Indigenous Reference Groups. In collaboration with the Department of Environment Heritage Protection, Land and Sea IRG's are established comprising of representatives of the clan estates for Kulla (MCIllwraith Range), Mungkan Kaanju (Oyala Thumatong) and the Aurukun Wetlands, with meetings held to seek their views on an appropriate structure and nomination and selection process for their clan estate members and institutional landholders and Councils to represent on the Indigenous Reference Group.

Indigenous Reference Groups provide advice and cultural rigour on social, cultural and economic development aspirations in relation to Proposed World Heritage Nominations, Bioregional Management Plans and other State government initiatives.

Commence date:
08 Sep 2011
Participating partners:
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 2, Zone 3
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