This consultancy for the development and writing of a project plan and a grant application for a proposed Litter and Illegal Dumping Program.

To improve social, emotional and environmental wellbeing by linking evironment, arts and culture in communities across Cape York through the promotion of environmental awareness, education and collaboration.
Cape York Natural Resource Management in partnership with UMI ARTS aims to create a sense of responsibility by instilling an awareness of the effects of littering and illegal dumping.  The educational program targets perpetrators, community members, school children, visitors and the general public across Cape York Peninsula.
About the project
This basis of this project is communication and it seeks to engage the community with the current problems around littering and illegal dumping, using innovative artwork and interactive advertising methods to deliver information. In collaboration with organisations from across Cape York, the progam will develop and deliver key messages about waste disposal and the impact littering has on environmental, social, cultural and economic values of Cape York. Members of the partnership teams will create a plan to share and imbed these messages in organisational and community communication platforms and programs, providing content for  flyers, social media, signage and posters.

Developing a strategic Cape York wide education and information campaign on litter, rubbish, waste and illegal dumping.
• Increased awareness of environmental effects of littering and illegal dumping that will transform currently held ideas and ultimately change imbedded behaviors
• Combat the problems of littering and illegal dumping with a reduction in quantity of litter and illegal dumping
• Inform the general public of the location of appropriate rubbish disposal sites
• Cape York environmental and arts organisations strategic collaboration
• Create public art identifying key themesand motifs for individual communities
• Install public art with strong visual messaging for the purpose of ongoing education about the environmental impacts of littering and illegal dumping
• Economic benefit of upskilling of Indigenous artists and creating an opportunity for regional and national recoginition
Key Audiences

  • Travellers to Cape York inlcuding four wheel drive and adventure tourists, grey nomads, pig hunters, recreational fishers and family campers
  • Local travellers and transient workers, community members, research students and new residents