This project delivered capacity building and mentoring to the Kuku yu people, within the Temple Bay area, through a Pond Apple survey and control program.

This was done in two phases, phase one was a week long training component run at the Chuula homelands with empathies given to OH&S, Quad and Chainsaw training. The second phase was two weeks at Temple Bay with the last component of training delivered as Apply Chemicals under supervision, then a ground, Aerial and water survey done of the area to map the Pond Apple in the first week. The second week consisted of control on the mapped Pond Apple by the trainees and a map produced. T.O’s had the opportunity to undertake some cultural heritage work, mapping and connection to country. A workshop on weed and feral impacts on country and culture was also delivered.

Commence date:
09 Nov 2014
Participating partners:
Cape York NRM Zone:
Zone 2
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