Status: Active

This project facilitates and develops a carbon prioritisation spatial framework for Cape York, for current and future use.

The project uses existing models, such as those used by April Reside and Bob Pressey of James Cook University, adapting the model and populating it the with data pertinent to Cape York Peninsula.

This work will use knowledge about current and projected climate change in the Cape York region to develop a more specific understanding of the consequences for sustainable management of country in the region.

Status: Closed

Services to Cape York NRM for information technology (IT); including the development and implementation of an IT plan: understand and maintain all ATLAS infrastructures for Cape York NRM, into the future including engagement with NRM staff;  to inform communication materials for the ATLAS and update web site as required.

This project provided business and NRM planning support to four Indigenous groups on Cape York, underpinning their work required to fulfil their land and sea aspirations and sustainable business development.

Groups received support for:

-Darrba Land Trust for the production of a video of their Country Plan,

Cape York NRM is adapting a socio-ecological systems approach towards development of an NRM plan that considers the distinctive cultural landscapes of Cape York.

This project builds on previous engagement with landholders from the “Your Climate” planning project undertaken from March-July 2014, in the Mitchell River catchment area. 

This project aimed to support Indigenous people on Cape York to share stories from Indigenous Elders and groups related to climate change and adaptation strategies, from their own worldview. The project produced high-definition film clips of Indigenous people of Cape York.

16 Nov 2017
A documentary which showcases the work of western Cape York’s Indigenous rangers who work to conserve threatened sea turtle populations will screen in Cairns on Wednesday 29 November.
Funded by the Australian and Queensland Government’s Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program, One in a Thousand – Western Cape York Rangers uniting to save sea turtles was made to promote th
21 Mar 2017

Western Cape York’s endangered and vulnerable sea turtles now have safer nesting sites, thanks to an innovative collaboration between local Indigenous ranger groups.

In its first three years of operation, The Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance (WCTTAA) has significantly reduced predation of turtles on the western Cape coast.

20 Jan 2017

These ‘Flood ready … flood safe’ factsheets are a helpful guide and information source to help landholders prepare for, and cope with, floods. They were developed by the Regional Groups Collective with funding from the Queensland Government.

Click on these direct links to the fact sheets below:

25 Apr 2016

by Lyndal Scobell, Luke Preece and Peta Standley

On 27 April in Cairns, Cape York NRM will launch a dynamic natural resource management plan that anticipates, and allows for, change.

08 Jan 2016

The Apudthama Rangers, leading scientists and the Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance are concerned there is a dramatic decrease in nesting sites of the Hawksbill Turtle, at one of the key rockeries, Milman Islet.

Western Cape Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance coordinator, Johanna Karam, talks to ABC Far North.

21 Dec 2014

Following a comprehensive review of potential climate impacts for northern Queensland, a new report released outlines expected impacts for the north of the state.