Sandra lives in Injinoo and is a director on Angkamuthi Tribal Aboriginal Corporation. She is a coordinator of the Injinoo Indigenous Knowledge Centre. Sandra is a director in the Northern Peninsula Area Justice Group representing the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) and is also a shareholder representative for her clan, the Angkamuthi Clan group, on the Ely Bauxite Mine Beneficiaries Trust. Sandra is also a director on the Ely Trust Board of Directors.

Sandra is a mother of five and an active member of her Clan, who believes in working together in unity with all the clan groups of the NPA to build a strong Apudthama Land Trust to manage and  protect cultural values and other heritage of the Aboriginal people of the four clan groups.  The Angkamuthi, Atambya, Gudang and Yadhaykama are all separate clan groups in their own right, who don’t speak for other clans.

Sandra has a passion to see language and culture of the NPA maintained and practiced, as people were deprived from using their language in the past.