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Emma Jackson

Chairperson, Director of Primary Industries Sector

Emma arrived to Cape York eleven years ago and has since married a Cape York cattleman and brought four children into the world.  Originally a pschologist, Emma has since become a teacher and does regular work in Weipa or around Cape York just to stay informed with the educational world. Emma also teaches her youngsters at home as well completing business responsibilities.  The Jacksons have been at Wolverton Station for forty-six years with Emma's father-in-law sitting on council before retiring.  Emma enjoys participating in committees for the long term benefit of the Cape and has been involved in Cape York Sustainable Futures, Coen Chamber of Commerce, and is currently secretary for Cape York Live Export Group.  Emma contributed to the establishment of the Cape York NRM organisation through participating in the steering committee with other current board members.

Emma is a qualified personal trainer and health and fitness instructor, and has recently completed her first marathon to raise awareness of, and support for, Cystic Fibrosis.  Currently, Emma is pursuing further studies through the University of Queensland in Agricultural Science, through a scholarship.  Emma sees herself committed to the Cape for the next thirty years and intends on working hard to ensure she sees a sustainable future for her children.  It is her home, her world, her life and she loves it.  She has been on the Cape York NRM board since 2013.