Barry Lyon 

Barry is the Ranger in Charge of the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in northern Cape York.

Formerly a district ranger for southern Cape York with the Queensland Department of Environment, he has worked as Ranger–in-Charge on numerous Cape York National Parks dating back to 1979. 

Five years were spent operating Lyon’s Bush Guides Service, an eco-tourism business showcasing Cape York’s Wildlife and Landscapes to tourists via bush safaris, and guiding film and documentary crews.

Barry has written numerous articles for various publications on natural history and outdoor recreational subjects and is a regular contributor to the Western Cape Bulletin.


  • Experience in planning, delivering and reviewing programs in fire, feral animal & weed management
  • Wildlife and botanical surveys
  • Research and monitoring
  • Eco-tourism and education programs

Barry has been pivotal in the establishment of the Wenlock Catchment Management Group and in Conservation meetings across Cape York.

Barry was previously the Conservation Sector Director for Cape York NRM from 2010-2013.