Reducing Predation on Marine Turtle Nests in Western Cape York


As recognised by the creation of the Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program, Queensland is home to many important feeding and nesting sites of six species of threatened marine turtles.
Issues of threats to nesting turtles posed by predators in western Cape York have been addressed in various forms – beginning with the Cape York Turtle Nest Monitoring Project – since 2006. There have been a range of agencies involved in these activities with varying levels of Indigenous involvement and varying levels of success.

Cape York NRM on behalf of the Western Cape turtle Threat Abatement Alliance (WCTTAA). WCTTAA is a partnership of on-ground land and sea owners and managers, formed to direct funding into priority areas; undertake sub-regional coordination of marine turtle work programs; access and develop targeted training; support data collection and analysis; and recognise and utilise local expertise to ensure enduring community legacies for all groups involved.