Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing


The department manages national parks and their use and enjoyment by all Queenslanders; encourages active lifestyles by providing recreational and sporting opportunities; and manages the racing industry which directly employs 30,000 Queenslanders.

Queensland’s protected area estate covers more than 12 million hectares and includes national parks, marine parks, forest reserves and regional parks.

National parks and forests play an important part in building stronger communities by providing recreational activities and helping to build the economy through sustainable ecotourism ventures.

National parks are the cornerstone of Queensland's protected area estate and are an important part of our natural environment and cultural heritage. Through proper management, we aim to ensure that the parks are protected, accessible and valued by all Queenslanders.

By managing important marine protected areas, such as declared fish habitat areas, we aim to ensure sustainable recreational, commercial and indigenous fishing.

We also encourage Queenslanders to lead active, healthy lifestyles by participating in sport and recreation. This is achieved through a suite of initiatives including funding programs, community programs and workshops, active recreation centres and physical activity resources for parents and teachers aimed at getting young Queenslanders physically active.

We help Queenslanders enjoy sport and recreation opportunities by developing and supporting facilities, and develop elite athletes at the Queensland Academy of Sport.

The department is responsible for regulating Queensland’s racing industry, to ensure it is commercially responsive and contemporary. We are responsible for ensuring the industry is operated in a responsible and accountable manner and that racing animals are cared for to the highest standard.

A documentary will be produced with the aim to increase the local community's and broader public's understanding of turtle threat abatement action, through the West Coast Turtle Threat Abatement Alliance.
NRM Topic:
Cape Create – Transforming Trash LitterEd Environmental Arts project will create art works and sculptures using recycled rubbish in an educational awareness program designed for major events and schools in areas where illegal dumping or littering are particularly evident on Cape York. Once this Program is designed and implemented we envision that it can be rolled out in other regions.