Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council


The Mapoon Shire and associated Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation trust lands cover an area of just under 46,000 ha.

This land mass  stretches from the southern bank of Skardon River,in the north,  to the northern banks of the Pennefather River, in the south, and incorporates the lower delta reaches of the Ducie River and Wenlock River systems.

Sections of the trust area are dissected by the Comalco Mining lease, now owned by Rio Tinto.

Land conditions and environment are diverse and rich in cultural, ecological and mineral wealth. Work is progressing to ensure appropriate protection and management arrangements are developed and implemented, to ensure short and long term benefits.

The Mapoon Land and Sea Management office is the responsibility of the Council responsible for managing these lands 

This project is important to lower the predation rate of >90% by feral pigs and to protect against turtle nest predation/turtle eggs/hatchlings on Skardon Beach- Mapoon.

NRM Topic:
Support the on-going work of the Mapoon Land and Sea Management Program to protect marine turtles nesting on coastal areas managed by the Mapoon rangers
NRM Topic:

The Wenlock Management Catchment Group Inc. is a not-for-profit group established to give voice to the Wenlock River.

This project forms part of a broader pest management program delivering on a strategy of integrated aerial and on-ground feral pig control measures.

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Mapoon Country Plan: Cultural and natural resource management on Mapoon country with Mapoon people

This plan represents the discussions and conversations of over 30 members of the Mapoon community who were seeking for the long term maintainment of their traditional land.The Mapoon Country Plan was developed to guide the work of the Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers, 6 Clan groups, Shared History p
Published: Feb 2013

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council Pest Management Plan 2016-2016

Published: Jan 2012

Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council Pest Management Plan 2012-2016

Published: Jan 2012

Mapoon Aboriginal shire council community plan 2010-2020

This community plan outlines how the community and council believe that the Mapoon area should develop between the 2010 and 2020 period and sets out how the issues affecting the Mapoon region at the time should've been adressed and a vision for the future Mapoon. 
Published: May 2010