Working with land managers to reduce the economic and environmental impacts of high priority weeds

This project will deliver priority feral pest and weed management activities with Cape York Weeds and Feral Animals Inc will coordinating delivery of this project. The project which will address priority weed and pest animal management in rural areas where they have a significant economic and/or environmental impact. In many cases landholders will make significant cash and/or in kind contributions to the project.

Normanby and Annan Catchment Strategic Hymenachne Eradication Program 2017-2018

This project contains and reduces the further spread of established Hymenachne in the Normanby and Annan catchments through control works and mapping of treated areas. It includes negotiation of control works with relevant land managers by further surveying of existing infestations and implementation of appropriate control measures, mapping and photo points of treated areas and provision of these data sets.

Lukin Rubber Vine Control Yarraden 2017

Rubber vine decreases biodiversity and prevents access to both stock and native animals. It generally invades waterways first, where the seeds germinate in moist silt layers after rain.

This Rubber Vine Control project continued to carry out the established efforts to contain the Rubber Vine threat by the method of spraying the rubber vine on Lukin River on Yarraden Station. This project ran in partnership with Willstock Cattle and Wunthulpu Aboriginal Land Trust. 

Containing and reducing the further spread of established Pond Apple at Hopevale and South Cape Bedford

Pond apple (Annona glabra) threatens coastal wetland landscapes through the Wet Tropics bioregion of Far North Queensland with isolated occurrences on eastern coast of Cape York. This weed of National Significance presents a threat due to its ability to colonise and transform intact natural ecosystems, forming mono cultural thickets effectively displacing native ecosystems, the native habitats of turtles, dugongs and native birds.

Hopevale and East Coast Pond Apple Control

In association with Hopevale Council, Hopevale Congress Rangers, and the Traditional owners, this project will continue Pond Apple control work that has been ongoing in the Hopevale, South Cape Bedford, Alligator creek, and Cooktown areas for the last twenty four years. The project will build upon work already undertaken and ensure we further encourage the return of biodiversity in our unique environment. It is also proposed to survey areas to the north, south and west of these areas to further reduce the Pond Apple seed spread

Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Grant program

The latest round of the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Grant program - Applications should be submitted online by Thursday 17 August 2017 at 5pm.

The Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Grant program provides Indigenous communities with grants of up to $75,000 to support projects that build capacity to conserve environmental and cultural resources.

The program supports on-ground environmental and cultural heritage projects on Indigenous peoples’ lands that effectively build collaborative relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders and organisations.