Cape York NRM held its Annual General Meeting at the Laura Racecourse and Rodeo Grounds on Saturday 29 October 2016, at which time Company Secretary Bob Frazer formally announced the result of director elections.

The current Board of Directors is made up of the following Cape York NRM members:

  • Emma Jackson Director for Primary Industries, and Chairperson
  • Barry Lyon Director for Conservation, and Deputy Chairperson
  • John Charlton Director for Tourism, Mining, Small Business and Other Industries
  • Trevor Meldrum Director for Community
  • Desmond Tayley Director for Local Government
  • Sandra Woosup Director for Indigenous Sector Zone 1
  • Joseph Elu Director for Indigenous Sector Zone 1
  • Pauline Smith Director for Indigenous Sector Zone 2
  • Mikayla Down Director for Indigenous Sector Zone 3
  • Trevor Shane Gibson Director for Indigenous Sector Zone 4

Attendees at the AGM in Laura had a great time getting together and camping for a couple of days at the beautiful Laura Racecourse and Rodeo Grounds.
Preceding the AGM, on the Friday night, a scrumptious barbeque was prepared with the generous assistance of Mary Shephard and volunteers from the Laura Rodeo and Camp Draft Association. The barbeque was followed by Cape York NRM’s Climate Change films, and a documentary on Cape Melville produced by Barry Lyon. The Climate Change films can be viewed on the Cape York Atlas

There were two Director positions left vacant at the AGM which have since been filled by Joseph Elu and Mikayla Down. Joseph and Mikayla will hold the positions as interim Directors for Indigenous Sectors Zones 1 and 3 until the Director elections in 2017.