Above (Photo): Dr Tommy George telling Hann River stories

In October 2014, Cape York NRM supportec the Cooktown State School Conservation and Land Management Camp.

NRM staff helped coordinate transport, ran workshops and organised activities for the students. Learning activities at the camp demonstrated the importance of caring for the land and water, with a message of maintaining a healthy environment for the benefit of future generations.

“It was great to work with kids in the field and encourage different ways of learning,” said Cape York NRM’s Lyndal Scobell.

“Getting outdoors provided a great opportunity for the students to learn by doing, and show their abilities to excel in this area,”she said.

Cape York NRM management and staff look forward to working with the class in 2015.

Above (Middle): Learning film techniques and how to make fire

Above ( Left): Fishing workshop with Desmond

Above (Far Right): QAS’ Ron teaching remote first aid