It was not the first time Steve Wargent, the Ewamian Ranger Group in the Gulf of Carpentaria, had attended a fire workshop.

Steve Wargent participated in the Hann River workshop several years ago, and uncovered real value in returning for a second session.

“It’s a good opportunity to get different ideas and to meet other ranger groups,” he said.

“This workshop has been awesome.  

It’s a great turnout and it helps to know others are having the same dramas with weeds and feral animals as us.”

For Mark Wargent and Tulsa Lacey, the fire workshop was a first-time experience.

 Learning about fire methodology was a highlight, for Mark.

“To come here and see the different layers of fire is a real eye opener,” he said.

Experiencing the workshop was the most meaningful for Tulsa.

“Learning more from people out here, swapping ideas, connecting with everyone; I would definitely do it again,” he said.

Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation has made an offer to host the next fire workshop at Tullaroo Station.

“We’d love to see one at Tullaroo.” Tulsa said.

Photo Top of Page: Mark, Tulsa and Steve, Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation

Photo Above:Tulsa Lacey, Ewamian Rangers and Ambrose MacDonald from Risdon Cove Parks, Tasmania