Mapoon's Land and Sea Rangers reported on valuable time spent at the 2014 Indigenous Fire Workshop held on Taepithiggi Country at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

Nathan Newley

“I had an amazing time with knowledge that was learned and being around fun people," he said.

It’s incredible the knowledge they are all sharing.

I learned a lot of new things, about fire, about trees and uses and bush tucker from Stanley.

It’s good to hang around with different rangers from different parts of Australia and interesting to hear about other rangers.

I hope they do it again next year and I Would come along again and stay a bit longer," Nathan said.

Judy Sagigi

“It’s good to have workshops and learn something from us, up this way," Judy said.

It was good to show other people what we do up this end and show how we burn up here.

It’s nice for other people to see fire burning and for people to mix with other Aboriginal people from the north," she said.

Edwin Ling

“Nice to work with other people and talk about bloodwood and ironwood," Edwing said.

I don’t want to leave today. It’s my first time to the workshop.

I really enjoyed talking about our country, about burning, about bush fire. Highlights were the dancing last night, listening to all them stories and getting to meet them people from down south," he said.

Cecil Woodley

“People learned a lot and we learnt a lot from them too," Cecil said.

I enjoyed it - it was good to be part of hosting it. Good to show them how we burn and learn how they burn.

They haven’t got the same trees down south as we got up here. Talking about the trees down there and talking about the trees up here," he said.