CAPE York Natural Resource Management (CYNRM), has combined  high level program logic and  the group's Regional Investment Strategy (RIS), which contains the priorities for natural resource investment in Cape York, 2013-2018.

Group representatives from Cape York NRM sectors: (Indigenous, Community, Local Government, Primary Industry, Conservation and Tourism/Small business), identified the investment priorities after a review of scientific publications and community consultation processes from recent years, and the outcomes of a consultative workshop in April 2013.

Five key areas for investment were identified through the workshop. These are fire, water, soil, livelihoods and integrated pest management. They form the basis of Cape York NRM’s RIS program logic for the next five years and will inform development of specific program logic documents and proposals as funding opportunities arise.

These key areas will be underpinned by activities which improve our organisational governance; the coordination of natural resource management activities and the overall governance of natural resources across scales. Cape York NRM will focus its internal resources on developing tools and technology, capacity building, communication, innovation and information management with foundational activities of coordinating access to co-investment, clan estate mapping and regional planning.

Externally, Cape York NRM will continue to deliver the majority of its funded on-ground activities through contracted service providers.