By Peta Standley

A short film about the Cape York Natural Resource Management (NRM), successful fire workshop hosted last year at Kings Plains, is now uploaded at www.

The hugely successful workshop, annually held since 2008, is designed to attract participants from disparate locations and communities, to share and learn about Indigenous fire practices and its application to contemporary land management.

The program is held at a differnt location each year, and brings land users and managers together to develop a greater understanding of fire practices from Indigenous, historic and scientific knowledge perspectives. Teams of experienced Indigenous fire practitioners, supported by western management experts, deliver the program using methods that apply traditional fire practices in contemporary management settings.

Rangers who complete the training are accredited for units recognised under Conservation and Land Management certificates.

Cape York NRM plan to hold an additional workshop later this year.

For more information, contact Peta-Marie Standley on 1300 132 262.