Jajikal-Balabay, or Weary Bay, is part of country belonging to the Jajikal-Warra Traditional Owners (TO) of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people.

In 2010, the majority of the Weary Bay coastline was placed under the trusteeship of the Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation, and a Cape York NRM Indigenous Small Grant made it possible for Jajikal TOs to once again care for this Country, in 2010.

Works have begun on the Jajikal Beach Protection Reserve at the southern end of Weary Bay. TOs have removed Lantana, Resurrection Plant and other weeds and applied controlled burning to the area. Rubbish including an old car body  has been removed from the the banks of the Bloomfield River near the mouth.

Future projects include closing the vehicle track to the river mouth,  replacing it with a walking track. Camps on the beach side of the track are to revegetated during the 2012-2013 wet season and reserve signs writtin in Yalanji and English are to be installed.

Traditional Owner Marie Creek said it was good to see Jajikal Traditional Owners working back on Country again, and they hope to extend works northward along Weary Bay during 2013

“We extend our thanks to Cape York NRM staff and everyone who is helping with this project. We would like to see these works happen all year round, but we need more funding, ” Ms Creek said.