ÆKOS is an ecological data collation and storage system.

The ÆKOS web portal is the main access to data on approximatley 25,000 current records holding information on individual plant species and the environment. It enables browsing, searching, viewing, retrieval, analysis and visualisation of ecological data, via a single point of access. The portal facillitates discovery of relevant datasets, and assessment of the fitness of their content for new research and natural resource management purposes.

When conducting a search for specific purpose sites, data can be selected based on detailed information such as particulars of collection methods classified by the types of tools used, selected sampling approaches or designated measuring variables.

The map display at the ÆKOS data portal has been improved as a direct result of feedback from users of the alpha version, previously released for testing.

Contributing to the portal development requires application for authorisation to be lodged at the ÆKOS website, where a video on understanding the purpose and operation of the portal is available.

Give feedback through the e-survey form via the portal feedback button at  http://www.aekos.org.au/eco-informatics_facility