Just a quick word from me on what has been going on over the last few months.

October was all about getting out on country and visiting people. I was able to get to Laura, Coen and Lockhart, and gain a greater understanding of NRM initiatives being undertaken. I had not been able to visit some places for a long time, so seeing the country and meeting people was a wonderful experience.

I was lucky to see old and new faces at the opening of the Lama Lama Ranger base at Port Stewart.

Congratulations to Lama Lama for all the hard work In attaining this stage of the project. November was a month for negotiated milestones and completed contracts  with project and investment partners. Paperwork reigned supreme.

I got the opportunity to make a presentation on fire management in Cape York to the Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC) for NSW. This opportunity came about via support that Cape York Natural Resource Management Board gave to assist The Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways Project (TKRP).

Indigenous fire workshops in Cape York in 2011

Support from the Firesticks project (a NSW initiative to support Indigenous involvement in firemanagement), saw Glenda Chalke, a Traditional Owner from Cubbitch Barta NativeTitle Claimants Aboriginal Corporation, attend the fire workshop, in July 2011. Glenda is a member of ACHAC and delivered a presentation on her experiences of the Indigenous led fire-training program, at the last meeting of the group.

It was agreed by the advisory board to enable a presentation about the program for the meeting held on 27 October 2011. The presentation offered many opportunities to share and learn from each other about common issues central to fire management in Australia. Hopefully the experience will lead to greater possibilities for Indigenous employment, in sustainable industries and Natural Resource Management, in positions that focus on fire.

There is to be a program managers meeting for on-ground projects currently supported by the Cape York NRM board, planned for Tuesday, December 6th at CSIRO in Atherton. This meeting will focus on program monitoring, evaluation and review, while showcasing project achievements and focusing on strategies to deal with challenges in improving best practice natural resource management in the region.

Back row – left to right Norman Laing, Robin Heath, Oliver Costello, Ian Woods, Victor Perry, Larry Kelly

Front row – left to right Kellyanne Stanford, Merle Williams, Viola Brown, Peta Marie Standley, Glenda Chalker, Olivia Williams

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ACHAC) was established in 2006, to advise the Minister for the Environment and the Director General of the Department of Premiers and Cabinet (DPC), on any matter relating to identification, assessment and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage in NSW. The Committee provides advice to the Minister for the Environment and the Director General of the Department of Premiers and Cabinet (DPC) on high level Aboriginal Cultural heritage issues, including management policies, identification, assessment and protection approaches, and legislative reform.