Our investors

The Australian Government

The Australian Government continues as the keystone investment partner for Australia's natural resource management organisations.

Funding to the natural resource management sector is channeled through a range of programmes, agencies, and departments. Cape York NRM works with the government of the day to ensure and excel in consistent value in return on investment.

The Queensland Government

The Queensland Government co-sponsors  NRM projects with the Australian Government, as well as providing funds through a number of state-based programmes.

The Queensland Government is responsible for initiatives that generally support individual NRM entities.  In addition to direct investment, initatives such as the Queensland Globe project and the state governemnt's strategic open data policy provide increased support to NRM organisations.

Our investors

Natural Resource Management is increasingly a sector that attracts funding from both public and private sources. NRM is becoming a third sector in its own right and policies around investment are being shaped to suit the special needs of NRM organisations. Browse below to see the full range of investors that work with Cape York NRM.