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Natural Resource Investment Program: Springvale Station West Normanby Distal Gully Demonstration Site - Normanby Basin

Springvale Station West Normanby Distal Gully Demonstration Site - Normanby Basin

This project combines community capacity building with active gully remediation to reduce sediment loads within the Normanby Basin. Targeted remediation works will be implemented on the West Normanby Distal Gully site on Springvale Station identified within the Eastern Cape York Water Quality Improvement Plan as the most important sediment source in the Normanby Basin.

The project delivery team includes:

  • Cape York NRM, project coordination, communication and support
  • The Yalanji Joint Venture, project implementation, local and traditional knowledge
  • Griffith University, technical expertise and accredited training program lead
  • Department of Environment and Science (DES), landowner Springvale Station

Primary outcomes from this work will be stabilisation and rehabilitation of a major source of sediment and practical testing of methodologies to determine the best treatments for application across Springvale.

Of equal importance is the partnership with the Yalanji Joint Venture. The project focuses on significantly improving the capacity of the Yalanji people to design, implement and monitor gully remediation treatments.

This is a learning by doing project that incorporates traditional knowledge and scientific expertise in alluvial gully management in the savannah landscapes of Cape York. By the project end, the Yalanji people will be able to provide local leadership and skills for future erosion management actions on Springvale Station and elsewhere in the Normanby Basin.


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