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Natural Resource Investment Program: Joint management area grazing project

Improving native vegetation and soil condition of grazing lands within the Joint Management Area

This project will enable ⅔ of the grazing properties in the Joint Management Area (JMA; Palmer River and northern side of the Mitchell River) to improve native vegetation and soil erosion management to significantly reduce sediment loss from grazing lands. 16 of the 21 major grazing properties in the JMA will be targeted through a delivery partnership between Northern Gulf NRM and Cape York NRM.

Over 4 years, the project will implement  “Property Specific Grazing Action” Plans. These plans will be based on the Water Quality Stewardship (ABCD) Framework and grazing implementation strategies developed through previous Queensland government investments. These same methodologies are utilised to deliver reef water quality outcomes in  Eastern Cape York and provide a strategic framework for prioritising extension, training and on ground works to achieve measurable resource condition improvements.

A minimum of 8 properties are to be engaged in the first year 2018/19. 4 properties will be added in the second and third years for a total of 16 properties engaged by 2020. By June 30, 2022, 16 graziers will have implemented improved native vegetation and erosion management practices over 800,000 ha in the Joint Management Area. In 2018/19 a Queensland Herbarium Native Pasture Identification Booklet will be produced to support project outcomes.


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