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Mother of millions

Weed Habitat 

  • Native to tropical Africa, these plants can grow on a range of soil types. They are commonly found in shady woodland, roadsides, along creeks and near rubbish dumps where garden refuse has been dumped.
  • Can be toxic to cattle.


  • Erect, smooth, succulent herbs, to 1 m high.
  • Each species has distinctive leaf shape, but all produce small plantlets along the edges of the leaves which readily drop, develop roots and establish quickly to form a new colony.
  • All species form tall flower spikes with clusters of bell-shaped flowers.

Bryophyllum spp.Bryophyllum spp.Bryophyllum spp.

Plant Type
Other weed identifiers
Plant Life Cycle
Weed Declaration
This species is declared Restricted Matter under the Biosecurity Act 2014 for further information on declaration refer to your Local Government or the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Weed Spread