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Mimosa bush

Weed Habitat 

Probably native to Central America, this plant was introduced to Australia around the time of first settlement and is now widespread in Queensland. It invades trampled or overgrazed areas and watercourses.


  • 2-5 m tall, much-branched, rounded, thorny, spreading shrub.
  • Branches in a zig-zag arrangement, usually grey-brown with prominent white dots.
  • Leaves yellowish-green, feathery, 1-6 pairs of branchlets with 5-20 pairs of narrow rounded leaflets 4-9mm long.
  • Sharp straight slender thorns at the base of each leaf.
  • Yellow-orange, ball-shaped flowers are pleasantly perfumed.
  • Pods slightly curved, cigar-shaped, brown to black, 4-6cm long.

Acacia farnesiana

Acacia farnesiana

Acacia farnesiana

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