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Weed Habitat 

  • A native to tropical America, Lantana was introduced to Australia as a garden plant. It is now naturalised in pastures, native vegetation, roadsides and gullies of most coastal and sub-coastal areas of Queensland, mainly on richer soils.
  • Toxic to stock


  • Scrambling, heavily-branched shrub to 4 m high.
  • Grows as either a compact clump, dense thicket or a climbing vine.
  • Stems are four-angled when young, rounded when mature, with numerous short prickles.
  • Leavers are bright green above, paler beneath, about 6 cm long, with slightly rounded-toothed margins, strongly veined, aromatic when crushed.
  • Flowers mainly pink, yellow, orange and red, in compact heads to 2.5 cm wide.
  • Fruits are fleshy, rounded, glossy and purplish-black when ripe.

Lantana camaraLantana camaraLantana camaraLantana camaraLantana camaraLantana camara

Plant Type
Leaf Arrangement
Other weed identifiers
Plant Life Cycle
Weed Declaration
This species is declared Restricted Matter under the Biosecurity Act 2014 for further information on declaration refer to your Local Government or the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. It is also a Weed of National Significance.
Weed Spread