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Candle bush

Weed Habitat 

  • Native to South America, Candle bush was introduced as an ornamental. It readily invades and forms dense thickets in perennially moist areas such as along creek lines and drainage channels. Also grows on newly cleared land in high rainfall areas, and occasionally in overgrazed areas.
  • Plants sucker when damaged


  • Evergreen spreading shrub to 3 m with a spread of 2 m, sparingly branched.
  • Leaves are large ( 45-75 cm long ) and oblong ( 12-25 cm wide ), divided into 8-14 pairs of leaflets each 5-12 cm long and 2-5 cm wide.
  • Flowers yellow, cup-shaped, on stalks arranged around elongated stems, candle-like, at the ends of the branches or from the leaf axils.
  • Pods dark brown to black, 15-25 cm long, 2 cm wide, quadrangular, with two membranous wings.
  • Flattened, triangular, dark-grey to black seeds.

Senna alataSenna alataSenna alata

Plant Type
Leaf Arrangement
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Plant Life Cycle
Weed Declaration
Currently not declared however under the Biosecurity Act 2014 you still have an obligation to prevent or minimise a biosecurity risk posed by a pest.
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