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NRM Investment Programs

23 Mar 2015


National Landcare Programme

Participating communities: managing and maintaining landscapes and livelihoods (2015-2018)

Cape York Natural Resource Management will deliver natural resource management services that aim to maintain and build ecosystem function and landscape resilience through improved water, soil, fire and integrated pest management. Key areas of focus include enhancing the ecological characteristics of Wetlands of National significance, including mitigating impacts on the Great Barrier Reef and benefiting regionally significant species, including migratory species and their habitats. Onground outcomes will be supported by strong community engagement and partnerships with land managers, agricultural and industry groups, universities, Indigenous communities, conservation groups and volunteers. 

This funding also provides for the  Regional landcare facilitator to support farmers, fishers and land managers to identify and adopt farm practices and land management practices to
sustainably manage natural resources, to reduce agricultural emissions and adapt to changing climatic conditions.


Funded Projects