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Corporate Nature

NQ NRM Alliance is the result of two years collaboration between the three NRM organisations in North Queensland, Cape York NRM, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group and Terrain NRM. 

It is a not for profit joint entity created to provide centralised corporate services and provide other support to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for the NRMs.  While the initial focus has been on corporate ‘backroom’ services the development period led to a broader level of cooperation and collaboration at every level and in every area of NRM.  NQ NRM Alliance has established a range of mechanisms for other shared staffing arrangements.  This ensures better utilisation of skills and experience and enables skills transfer. 

In addition, Corporate Nature is not limited to providing services to the three NRM organisations.  It has been set up to enable expansion of services to other clients (mainly aimed at not for profits).

Our People…

The Corporate Nature team is made up of staff who transferred from the three NRM organisations to the new venture. They bring a range of experience and expertise from their years working supporting NRM and in other areas. This is a snapshot of the team’s significant collective knowledge, skills and training:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Business
  • BSc (honours) degree in biology and chemistry plus a degree in education.
  • Masters of Social Science with Distinction (International Urban and Environmental Management) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Studies) (Hons) 
  • Bachelor of Accounting (by June 2018)
  • Diplomas and advanced Diplomas in Accounting (several staff)



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